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Additional Ministries

Connecting & Equipping


Come enjoy a time of fellowship & encouragement with other seniors.

Contact Person: Elder Ken & Pat Garry



Join together with other men of God in the Word, fellowship and activities.

Contact Person: Dave Casteel & Jason Worden



  • Life Journal

Study God’s Word daily through Scripture, Observation, Application & Prayer.     


  • Gospel of John

Start following Jesus by getting to know Him, His ministry and His promises to us. 


  • Reaching Toward the Goal

Learn how to live for Jesus through lessons designed to help you grow in your daily walk with Christ.


  • INSTE - Institute of Theology by Extension

Grow deeper through this formal Bible survey and doctrinal study.

INSTE Global Bible College

INSTE 2.png

INSTE Global Bible College (IGBC) has been training future disciples, pastors, and leaders for more than 35 years. When you take the IGBC courses you will find that it equips you to fulfill the calling of God upon your life.  Click the link below to learn more about INSTE today.

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